Mistress discouraging Division has stock market of those wonderful occupation

said people detest, mistress, mistress and power in this era, the birth of the occupation division mistress discouraging their appearance is to be not at all surprising, solve all kinds of "marriage in Difficult miscellaneous diseases", "mistress.



a division of occupation is called "nose in france". All around the world to 500 famous incense division, France and Switzerland have 120. It is generally believed that the sensitivity of these "noses" or "Ladies" mainly comes from the difference between ordinary people. A teacher this occupation in thirteenth Century, a lot of teachers in the history of art is in the family, because the Royal high demands on the quality of perfume, the nose is known as the "artisan" name respected.

] smell foul DivisionThe official name


] to eat chocolate

Sweet work for MS SueStone, life is like a box of chocolates, she is a chocolate taster, in the past 27 years, every day she will enjoy as many as 20 kinds of chocolate.


] occupation food tasterThis work suggests that the


] division of insect feeding

insect feeding is a division of general breeding reptiles such as cockroaches, with hair standing on end, flies, weevils, termites, leeches and other dangerous insects, both in the study and good sales requirements. Expected income: 3 million -500 million yen (about RMB -26 million)