Hefei Baohe district to carry out entrepreneurship training activities to help entrepreneurs

will not start a business, do not understand the professional knowledge of entrepreneurship, but also want to change their lives through entrepreneurship how to do? This is probably a lot of entrepreneurs who have a common dream, for this reason, many governments around the country to provide relevant entrepreneurial training activities, which help entrepreneurs dream.

modaobuwukanchaigong. The day before, Baohe District Wuhu road street community of Lanting Pavilion held 10 days of "start your business (SYB)" entrepreneurship training, teacher professional site FAQ, let 30 independent entrepreneurs benefit.

25 year old Xu Xiaoqi and his partner in the dawn of the road to operate a restaurant, a year of business failed to meet their expectations. The first shop, can not be said to fail, but did not fully touch the door, the feeling is not the furnace. Now the store is being renovated, ready to re open. This gap communities have entrepreneurial training, just can come charging, ask a professional teacher." Xu Xiaoqi said that through training, their own in store management, entrepreneurship support policies and other aspects of a comprehensive understanding.

it is understood that the training of students, including unemployed, migrant workers and college graduates and other groups.

training courses for qualified students can fight for the Wuhu road street to support venture capital loans. The minimum 50 thousand yuan, up to $500 thousand for a year, for some of the funds for the temporary difficulties of entrepreneurs, this is not a small support." Relevant person in charge of the Lanting Pavilion community.

entrepreneurship training provided, will allow more entrepreneurs can learn more professional entrepreneurial knowledge, for their own business development can have a greater help. The loan discount support, it is to solve a lot of entrepreneurs to financial problems, so that Hefei Baohe District entrepreneurship can get further development.

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