Micro letter envelopes drink light year end bonus Chinese nouveau riche good monitor

new friends and family dinners cannot avoid drinking, but because of drinking too much can delay the news. Recently, a man in the WeChat group actually sent a red envelope year-end bonus, three red envelopes sent out 15 thousand yuan.

previously reported many students at the party, the nouveau riche of money, huge red gift and so on, recently, Fujian Nanan a man is not careful "generous" one, the reason is this embarrassed happened: Nanan ho drunk dizzy in reunions, drink even in the group a super red 3 the amount of 5000 yuan. Later, he found the pit working-class himself, "15 thousand yuan a night light, year-end bonus".

then, some students asked monitor night in the end made a number of red envelopes, his answer is surprising, even 15 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan of which is sent to a group of stocks. As of 12 pm, after the "love relay", this 15 thousand yuan has been returned to Mr Ho, this is delicious he is full of grievances moved.

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