Zhengzhou parking fees become common phenomenon continue to unfold

car in the market has been a great popularity, but still faces a lot of problems, the most prominent problem is the difficulty of parking. As a rapid development of the big city, Zhengzhou parking difficult phenomenon accompanied by the rise of private cars, increasingly apparent. Accompanied by parking fees chaos is not a day two days. For a long time, the citizens have not resigned, so many people talking about parking charges, only helpless sigh "said no". Reporters after a long investigation to sort out some typical phenomenon of parking fees in Zhengzhou.

do not look at the car only charge

[location] any walled North Street

in May this year, the people of Luoyang Liu Zhijie in Zhengzhou City eight road and culture road between any North Village Road, his car parked in the parking line at the P plate and a place, although in accordance with the parking staff parking command, the result was the traffic police posted ticket. In the Liu Zhijie inquiry, the traffic police to inform is not in accordance with the provisions of the correct line parking.

10 month 14 days, reporters came to the North Village Ren, found the road on the north side of the vehicles are parked on the curb, half of the body on the sidewalk, the other half lane in the parking area. Reporters found that the parking area on the ground by the road along the direction of the parking area was replaced with the road vertical.

reporter at the roadside shops were visited, confirmed that this road had often because of "sideways stop command toll much parking and police ticketed situation, even happened to the toll ticket mooches phenomenon, and crossed in about a month ago was reformed. According to the store clerk introduced, changed the layout of the parking spaces have not been posted.

[People’s Republic of China] provisions of the law on road traffic safety regulations for the implementation of the provisions of article sixty-third, the temporary parking of motor vehicles on the road, with no parking signs, road markings, between motor vehicles and non motorized vehicles, roads and sidewalks with isolation facilities crosswalk, construction sites, no parking.

parking five yuan trip gauge

[place] Dongming road road, commercial road Shangding road ten Shop Street, Golden Road Manhattan Plaza

9 24 afternoon, reporters in Dongming Road near the road intersection of the public parking area, see the P card reads "busy road vehicle care fees of small cars every 4 yuan, but the charges were charging personnel told all five blocks". October 16th morning, reporters in between commercial road and Shangding road ten Shop Street Road, see the P plate on the recommendation