What do you want to do a good job in the summer rural entrepreneurship

most people feel that entrepreneurship should go to those big cities, because I feel more opportunities. In fact, entrepreneurship can also be carried out in rural areas. The countryside is a place full of business opportunities, especially in the summer there are many projects worth considering.

personalized T-shirt shop

characteristics of cooked food

the investment benefits as follows: rent more than and 10 square meters the size of the store, the monthly rent   yuan; 800-1500, store decoration must not distinctive decoration costs about 5000 yuan is enough; the purchase of various equipment about 5000 yuan; in this way, with 2 employees monthly salary, a total investment of 15 thousand yuan can be opened. Business strategy: 1) good food quality; 2) cooked food prices to rationalize; 3) to improve the overall quality of sales staff; 4) diversification of operations; 5) to increase publicity efforts.

although rural conditions there really is no way to big city comparison, but at least it can be assured that the competitive pressure is not great. As long as investors are willing to do it, you can easily break out of their own piece of heaven and earth.


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