nternational Packaging Fair 2015

only participated in the exhibition, will know some comparison between the products. But also to learn more knowledge of production, so many people attach great importance to each of the different exhibitions. 2015 Spain International Packaging Exhibition popular, huge, it is expected.

2015 in Barcelona, Spain packaging exhibition is one of the four most influential packaging exhibition in Europe, in the past few exhibitions, the number of international exhibitors increasing. From France, Italy, Germany and Holland accounted for the main part, the other including more than 2500 exhibitors from 109 countries.

HISPACK barcelona  and

2015; food  technology exhibited the same period, the business exhibition will become the European food, packaging and packaging technology is the most important business platform, quantity and quality and variety of exhibits will undoubtedly bring increased domestic and international visitors. HISPACK    at last, from 41 countries in more than 2500 enterprises participated in the exhibition, the exhibition area of over 58000 square meters of net, nearly 50000 professional audience.

Exhibition scope:

Packaging materials:


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