Jewelry store how to choose the right location

brand jewelry store location is a headache, how to choose the appropriate location? A lot of investors to share their successful experience, Xiaobian compiled some of the content, I hope you can help, and quickly dig to get rich good business opportunities.

1. jewelry brand monopoly store traffic most important: busy streets, downtown, the public may consider the next station.

2. with the well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of relatively prosperous shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc..

3. use "cluster" effect: if the fashion jewelry chain products have obvious advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

4. choose "low density" area: if the brand jewelry store is not obvious characteristics of product or business experience is not rich enough, the opponent may avoid competition, choose fashion accessories chain store "low density" coverage of the place.

brand jewelry store location skills, only carefully examine the market environment, choose a favorable address can help businesses get more profit protection. If you are interested in the location of the problem, then pay more attention to the relevant information, I hope to help you.

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