How to sell yourself in the gym

now open shop to do business, if you want a hot business, you need to learn to self promotion, so as to be able to get more consumer recognition, business can be more prosperous. However, how to sell has become a problem plagued countless people. So, how to promote the gym? Let me see small series of.

The development of fitness and entertainment market in

90 has a profound impact on the economy. From 1990 to 1992, the number of people taking part in fitness activities increased by 6.2%, the growth trend is expected to continue. According to authoritative estimates, entertainment can generate more than 350 billion of revenue a year. The gym has developed two sales strategies to ensure market penetration.

short term strategy

direct mail is an economical and effective way to transmit information. Many gyms use this method, which has proven to be a successful approach.

direct marketing will be used for organizations and units within 9 km. In order to be able to occupy the market as early as possible in the early years of the new business, it will be directly linked with some large companies. This will ensure that the gym for them to carry out the league in time to sign the contract, while meeting their specific requirements.

in the gym to sell the busy work, the use of temporary salesman, after training to undertake some promotional business.

long term strategy

was the first member of the gym when absorbed in the construction period, will continue to put an advertisement in the local newspaper and the gym news release letter to the associations, to establish the credibility of the organization and the gym for membership.

‘s promotional work will be handled by a regular employee at the gym, which will be operated by a regular salesman in the morning and evening. Two temporary employees to assist in the handling of the telephone, to guide customers to visit the center, to answer various questions.

training for formal and temporary salesmen will be an ongoing task. These include: product knowledge, business hours, telephone conversation skills, understanding the contract and the rules and regulations of the gym. The training will be in charge of the president.

competitive marketing strategy

in order to expand the membership team and increase income, the gym will be open before the promotion of membership promotion activities, such as one-time membership fee. Members will be able to participate in any league activities sponsored by the gym after the delivery of the membership fee and the monthly fee, and the swimming pool, track and field, volleyball court and basketball court can be used outside the league.