Jinling do business of giving up a good salary for occupation Yuesao behind the story

whenever you decide to start a business, a question arises: what do you do? As a gold determination venture set foot on the road, the heart is not hesitate, but he chose the different way of life.

to cling to the status quo is comfortable, smooth, not too much to worry about, and in the state-owned enterprises in the promotion according to status in the short term, want to make a difference is not possible; leave here to start a new career, mean adventure, into an unknown world, the quality of life may be difficult to maintain. He hesitated and hesitated for two years.

when the determination of entrepreneurship, a problem immediately before: what? I’m afraid this is every occupation managers to the road of entrepreneurship has to face the problem, occupation managers do best is one to ten, and the entrepreneur to do so is zero to a work, the difference is that, the former is the accumulation, the latter is a qualitative change. Because the child was born, his wife and the old man was busy with the baby is very tired, he hired a Yuesao to take care of the children and the wife, and it is home to hire Yuesao, gave him the inspiration.

was introduced by a friend to find a Yuesao, thought that life would be much easier, but new troubles again: the claim with more than and 60 babies Yuesao, together with the results began to prepare things just passable, not home, gave her familiar pregnant baby supplies store call. A month down in the house a lot of useless things. The last thing I can’t stand is to hold a child and call".

and sometimes at night the children cried, she also said that she is not up, one or two words, her temper is very great, but also because she was angry with his wife and the lack of milk. In short, the confinement of the experience is very poor, spend money, but add plug.