How to do a good job spicy hot pot restaurant

shop operation, only to do a good job of related services, can get a higher recognition, and then let the shop business is more popular. In the current food and beverage market, spicy incense pot by the consumer favorite, opened a spicy pot pot is a good choice for entrepreneurship. But want to open such a successful shop, naturally also need to do a good job related services. So, how to do a good job spicy hot pot restaurant?

(1) cannot bring emotional posts, spicy hot pot store cashier staff must adjust good mood and enthusiasm to do WeChat service, must not be a face in the blues to consumers, even the bad mood to vent to consumers.

(2) when consumers do not agree with the release of the account, the hot pot pot franchisee cashier first to apologize to consumers, promptly notify the relevant personnel immediately verified processing, please wait a little, can not shirk responsibility.

(3) when the consumer misunderstanding, spicy hot pot store cashier personnel not to defend themselves, even accused consumers right, should be polite to explain to consumers, and help consumers quickly solve the problem, such as their own can not solve to inform management personnel.

(4) change is troubled by the problem of each cashier, in the checkout, spicy pot shop cashier staff to take the initiative to ask consumers for change, when the consumer is not, the cashier must quickly settle accounts.

(5) when the individual consumers found the use of counterfeit money, spicy pot pot of the cashier to be polite to the consumer said: Hello, please change one, okay? Not directly to consumers is counterfeit money, if it is found that consumers use 100 yuan counterfeit money, when consumers replace new banknotes still out of counterfeit money, cashier personnel should immediately notify security personnel arrived at the scene processing.


said a shop service personnel, service quality in the end how, depending on any one operator. However, the cashier team is spicy hot pot store image, is also in contact with the consumer the most front-line services, not only to focus on the work of the service skills, we should pay more attention to service skills, so that consumers go happy again.