Why is it better to choose a server than to buy space


is an article on the < the webmaster, do a website, select the server is the key to > a bit extreme, said some black IDC, but I am still fond of using the server, although the first half of this year. At least for 4 lift server.

In fact, if you can open the

thinking to think, there should be more than 80% of the owners would agree with me. Perhaps now the use of space will be considered next month will lift the server or hosting rent (here I don’t do what IDC ads, just do it. Since I share some personal experience because I am just a small webmaster).

personally, I prefer to talk in reality. Some may not be based on theory, but that’s the way it is,.

1. space management system, I have ever used. No matter IDC " I have no limit IIS, no limit CPU usage, " and so on; this is not true. Unless it is not set up by space management system website. It can be set. But general IDC is the use of space management system to allow users to automatically open space, each user grade has the default limit level. Even if it is the site set without limit on the server IIS manager. But a server restart. Once again with the management of system synchronization. If you use the service for their own. Any one of your site there is no any limitation. Think back. Now the price of space is basically the average.1 yuan =1M+1 IIS. CPU use rate generally is not high. If it is a medium-sized site. To generate static pages. The truth will appear when the space. Until you’re finished. One day your key word list is up..IP is suddenly bigger than the limit. You’ll be caught off guard,.

2. website script support. General IDC will not give you a versatile space, either for.Html/.asp/.jsp or is.Html/.php, or.Html/.asp.net. if the Almighty. In terms of security server. There will be a lot of security vulnerabilities. So basically all is to provide professional space. As a good room, not provide two server. Because of that, if attacked. Will be very tragic. So we think, for the server, we can according to their own website program language used to install the server to support the foot function. And constantly improve their safety awareness. Encounter problems, solve the problem but also in the erection of a language extension. Why do you say. I have seen most of the webmaster, only know how to program, and even very simple IIS will not be installed. Because they are using the purchase Bought space. Ha ha. On ", giant ", on the shoulders, although far away, but fall. It will hurt.

3. from the point of view of website optimization. If you are 100 yuan / year space. Your site can only use >