Zhu Yong think hard make your website profit increase suddenly

one, word poly

is now the site cannot do without the search engine, cannot do without SEO, to say the words together is that people can through the search engine to your website, that they all have a common goal, through the search engine keywords will these people gather to your website. Some people say that the website has taken the first step, and the next thing to consider is how to keep those people.

search through the web site have a characteristic that is, most visitors are new visitors, it has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is your site every day new blood coming in, the disadvantage is if the site does not leave a person, these visitors will be in a hurry off, regardless of the future traffic to much always rely on search engines to survive. Over reliance on site search, which many webmaster can not be determined to do full-time station, so in A5, some sites will often appear behind "are you going to do a full-time webmaster" this kind of a similar poll.

two, to service people

how to keep people? This must be for you to visit the crowd to do an analysis, through the website statistics function can see them through what keywords over, combined with the theme of the site is not difficult to guess what kind of website users need some services. The next thing to do is consider how to leverage our existing resources to design a service model that is useful to the user.

because the visitors came to the site in addition to obtain their required information, these people more hope the website can provide customized services for them to meet some needs of their work, school, life. For example, take the competition is very fierce model station, in the way of profit, most Adsense is put in some GG advertising, POP advertising, rely on traffic to earn income.

I also have a model station, relying on GG advertising at the same time, launched to write business, the results demand great. At that time, access to 10 thousand IP, the monthly income to around 5000, and the website in order to take care of the user experience not pop ads, on how to improve the site credibility and conversion rate will not be discussed here before, after the time Zhu Yong will bring a detailed description for you.

continued to write something, someone may ask someone to write ah, to write specifically looking for people that the cost will go up, which depends on your ability to use resources, my approach is to find some Taobao specifically to write people and their cooperation, the website received writing task let them write, I make a difference, and this difference is relatively large.

therefore, industry stops visitors from the point of view of visitors, analyzes their needs, and then provides appropriate services. Turning visitors into customers is a priority for us to consider.

two, how to tap and utilize resources

resources mining and utilization is nothing more than the use of contacts, on how to expand network connections