Use Jewish wisdom to build websites

people know that the Jews are very clever, Einstein and Marx are. In addition, there are philosophers Spinoza, psychologist Freud, Nobel physics prize winner Gherman and others, this list of a piece of paper can not write. If the case cannot be used as evidence, please look at the statistics: only 3% of the total U.S. population, the Jews won the 27% Nobel prize, international chess champion in more than half of the Jews, the Jews of the intelligence quotient (IQ) than the average 100 higher than 12 to 15. So how do we use the Jewish thought and wisdom to build your website, this is a very meaningful thing for our personal webmaster, should make good use of this wisdom will continue to study, study the Jews why smart? How to use this kind of wisdom for webmasters to your website, this is all the owners concerned about the issue, then we have to look up to rough, rough study why? Because Jewish wisdom is deep, we cannot reach, so called rough research, or by talking point is good, because even a very successful people all his success are told you, you could not immediately successful, because there are a lot of things you can not understand thoroughly in that period, or not to understand.

why are Jews clever,


rich cultural background,

Jews were uprooted and scattered throughout the world in their long national calamity. They stubbornly maintain their culture, but also absorb the essence of the country’s culture. In this way, there will be more open field of vision and more abundant knowledge.

personal webmaster lurk in every corner of the society, although they do not leave the hometown, but when night comes, they are burning the midnight oil, the webmaster stubbornly insist on his dream at the same time, but also to absorb the culture around the forum site, absorbing others’ strengths, enrich their website content, at the same time, how can the site of building their own rich cultural connotation, which is part of the webmaster might not have thought. For example gangster Ma Huateng set their own software image for penguins, which we see today his little penguin great wisdom, Chinese, network founder Hu Anjun, the site of the mascot is set to the big cock, Chinese Career Academy founder Wang Shigang put the net station mascot set to the little mouse, although two is not particularly success, but on the web culture has a little consideration.

persistent pursuit of education

, a foreign writer wrote: "Jewish families should be highly valued in learning. In this respect, non Jewish families are dwarfed.". This factor constitutes the basis for all other differences." UNESCO in 1998 a survey, in the predominantly Jewish Israeli, a book and the average monthly over the age of 14, the country of 4 million 500 thousand people, 1 million people have a library card.

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