The transformation of local small and medium sized network companies helpless and full of thorns

With the development of

Internet, Internet companies are everywhere, especially in small network companies and studios. They mainly provide website construction and website optimization services. However, in recent years, the cost of enterprise construction has been to "cabbage price" era, for example, in the A5 webmaster forum, you can find a lot of imitation station people, ordinary enterprise station hundreds of dollars can be completed. And enterprise station optimization cost is also so, many key words are hundreds of dollars a, plus local network company quantity is much, competition is fierce. Now small and medium-sized network companies or studios are facing a difficult transformation of the road, but how to transition, and transformation into what kind of company, this problem is worth our thinking. Transformation is the helplessness of local small and medium-sized network companies, and the road to transformation is bound to be full of thorns. Local network company’s main customer base is small and medium-sized enterprises or units, so we must seriously consider customer demand changes.

transformation direction 1: becoming training company

training school or company is perhaps the most profitable industry, local Internet companies can become the main training unit, IT training courses, such as: website construction technology, network technology, SEO optimization course. The object of training, of course, is just graduated students, or small and medium-sized business owners, etc., the cost of training industry investment is relatively low, mainly to hire training teachers. Take my city as an example: there are many universities here, and every year there are many students who have just graduated, and now the graduates are under great pressure. College students also have to master a skill or skill, and college students generally lack such skills, so this part of the population needs IT skills training. Another part of the training is small and medium-sized business owners, such people need online marketing courses, you can train skills and knowledge in this area.

transformation direction two: become software company

enterprise construction and optimization of the profits have been very small, local network companies can be transformed into software companies, such as: Sales Office, OA software, mobile applications and other software. Generally small and medium-sized enterprises or units need office OA system, because now is the computer paperless office, OA system than enterprise station price is much higher, can according to the specific needs of enterprises to develop such a program. Of course, the system also needs regular maintenance, software companies can also receive certain maintenance costs, the development of software than station building and optimization more promising. However, the development of software needs more professional technicians, and writing software is much more complex than construction enterprises. For small and medium-sized network companies, the most likely lack of such technical talents. But local network companies can start training such talent, and then transition to the software field.

transformation direction three: become industry authority

medium and small network companies can narrow their business scope according to their own resource advantages, concentrate their efforts and funds on the services of a certain aspect, that is, to become an authority in a certain field. For example: transformation into a professional content writing company, >