Ten laws of survival for personal websites

personal website is usually the personal use of their free time to create website. Like active in Chinaz, Admin5 and other webmaster website, many are personal webmaster, these people have their own web site more or less.

compared with other websites, personal website usually has three characteristics: no money, no resources, no time. Generally speaking, the personal website’s funds and the use of resources are very limited, can not afford advertising, can not afford competitive ranking, website promotion is also more difficult. In addition, many individuals have their own work, often in the use of idle time to develop the site, which caused the manpower and time spent on the site is very limited.

personal website, want to make big, very difficult. Especially in such a big environment in China, a little bit of foreground things, big companies are rushing to do, and the competitive environment is even worse. In such a bad living environment, personal websites must have their own survival rules, so that they can survive for a long time. The following is a business blogger keeptry long-term thinking summed up the personal website ten survival rules, to share with you for reference.

1. site positioning must be accurate

selects the entry point for the site and determines the location, which is the foundation of the site’s success. Personal websites are best off differentiated routes to avoid the positive competition with big websites. The website should be small and exquisite, so don’t start a big and complete thing. The website must be a killer application to stand out from the crowd, first concentrate on all the efforts to do an excellent application, to promote, and then expand after success.

2. select the domain name and space

domain name, basically represent your website brand, the cost of changing domain name is higher, so the choice of domain name needs careful. As for the website space, I believe that many webmaster have suffered the corresponding hardship, choose a good space, so as not to toss about their own. Domain name and space are basically one-time investment, select the domain name and space, you can avoid these unnecessary things distracted, and put your energy more on the site itself above.

3. hangs the ad for

for the first time

, for personal websites, living is the biggest success. Although we do not expect to make big money, we must not lose money. Buy domain name, buy space, what all should spend money, make website profit is very important. The first time to put up advertising, Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, advertising alliance, you can try. However, when advertising is not Tai Chi end, we must not seriously affect the user experience as a prerequisite.

4. attaches importance to SEO and network promotion

Most of the traffic on

‘s personal web site comes from search engines, so it’s important to deal with search engines. Personal website purchase bidding ranking method is undesirable, a few days of vicious clicks can let you go bankrupt. As poor webmaster, must pay attention to the website SEO work, full benefit >