Take the commercial value of the website and realize the new road

website construction and development to the network now has accumulated a lot of experience, for the novice webmaster, if good Jingxiaxinlai the learning experience that these future development will be very objective.

I think every webmaster things I hope to be able to accumulate their wealth through the website (not including some sacrifice with good comrades), however the current development of the personal webmaster seems to have entered into a stagnant state, then I believe it should be the next slide, thus changing the current mode of operation of the personal webmaster imminent.

therefore, the theme website, theme blog, enterprise website, enterprise blog, local website, these things have already appeared in individual webmaster, and become the new thing. Personal stationmaster’s development road has experienced the emergence, the development until now’s not stranded, I thought the thing development law is also so. Therefore, when mentioned above personal Adsense development in the future one day, will inevitably have such an outcome.

, you can study and observe the current status of personal websites: only those who have reputation and brand websites will survive in a car accident once. Speaking of this, do you have any feelings?

maybe you would say it’s brand! Wrong, brand is just a means, we want to realize the commercial value of our website!

!How does

realize the commercial value of personal websites in the future?

1. brand, image, user, sales, flow demand, business value,

2. advertising, users, brands, flow requirements – commercial value

follows this line of thinking to build a new personal website, and these two personal website business models will continue to develop for a long time to come. No doubt, the establishment of our own brand (reputation) in the development of our website occupies a very important position!


the specific way to go, I think we must rely on their own slowly to understand. (trade secrets)

well, I wish you a safe life through the Internet in winter, under the pressure of the environment, out of their personal webmaster Road,


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