Talking about the marketing means of good voice in China

said "The Voice of China" estimation of unknown, the program makes China billions of individual pay close attention to the love of music, let the music dream, the audience to get the power to find confidence, the stage of great charm, let people see hope in despair, let the dream set sail again, although of course this program by the parties but the shelling ~ fire, we all know that a "The Voice of China" students, a burst of red, a show worth has reached more than 300 thousand. Well, this talent show has virtually become a new means of marketing, through the realization of an industrial chain profit.

"good voice in China" marketing means to learn

1, novel and unique

We see the "

" The Voice of China take many things and other reality shows are not the same, and with lyrics concept so that more young people have the confidence, the four tutors are turned and form "ring sing" to stimulate the audience’s eyes, and then to the characters, either mentor or student strength are very amazing. Therefore, "China’s good voice" with these novel, unique mode, had to attract the audience’s attention. Our enterprises in the marketing time too, if we always adhere to the old way of marketing to promote their own business, it is not very obvious, only to take more innovative, more unique way to let users heart satisfied, will continue to focus on your product, your program for example recently! We will attend rum, there may be hundreds of millions of individuals to participate in, and you want to in the crowd out of your illustrious company, no innovation is not enough, if you rely on some propaganda leaflets, etiquette beauty, it is out of money and power is not effective. The method is that it. How you think, how to operate the enterprise is ~ ~ in advance, one of the idea of expanding.

2, event exposure

In fact, we all know that "

" The Voice of China since after the fire, more media exposure, hot topic more, allowing users to have more suspicion to guess, this is to let the The Voice of China causes more fire, many ", modest, TV, are in good voice broke students in private life, or more private events ~ what is the media in the disclosure, a" event marketing "or behind the building, we should be more clearly. And enterprises in marketing, also want to do something, not all things have to follow the principle, previously seen on the Internet a medium-sized enterprise exposure, "China’s most beautiful editing beauty"

it does not have network community census, and the name of the enterprise can also in the drop-down box and Baidu Baidu search, as for the people in the end is not beautiful or the end is not the most beautiful Chinese editor of beauty, but their effect is reached, a cut on the OK, as for the online discussion the more powerful, for enterprise publicity is good!! of course, more want to.