With domain names you can make money

a few days ago through a friend, can be found through the domain (oh, of course you can use the CN (AD), a novel www.k280.com.cn: I stand, casual games: www.iaccr.com.cn) bound to the top free game alliance site http://s.union.topyouxi.com, the game site can support GG advertising, you can add site keywords, website description is also can be SEO, I was not specifically explained.

We are most concerned about is the

AD, this system can support three AD respectively is: ZhengZhan banner ads (width 762px* height 78px), the end of the game page left advertising (width 130px* height 325px), the bottom of the game advertising (width 605px* height 80px), do not know whether the need for everyone.

there is one final point is the application of the alliance, and a huanjianshumeng http://s.union.hjsm.tom.com/ can apply, is a novel space station, do not want to buy, do not want to engage in their own, can apply for huanjianshumeng.

finally attached

Screenshot of

http://s.union.topyouxi.com domain name management


‘s novel stand, www.k280.com.cn casual games: www.iaccr.com.cn

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