The orange site collection series domain name trap adopted piecemeal

with the Internet pervasive, the mouse economy is speeding up the pace of life and the rapid updating of thinking, highlighting its own advantages and charm. At present, most users will choose on the Internet on their own, self promotion, trading, including the construction of Internet based platform of the domain name, virtual host, mail is not unfamiliar to the user, in the face of the market of every hue product promotion, how to choose, the problem is not so simple. There are some service providers from the host domain name to the site and other one-stop service, which can lessen the enterprise to build a network platform of the pressure, but if you choose a mistake, or to their domain name and website style and function configuration without a good understanding and matching, it is prone to problems, these problems lead to the loss of a station is not able to replace the cost of service. The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai.

so I invited in Internet based products have – the ten major beauty orange Internet domain name host rich experience and reputation, for common in registering a domain name, host, post offices and other traps, matters needing attention, need to understand the basic situation, compiled into a series of tutorials, remind and guide everybody, in order to have a clear understanding of their own use of the station products

, we start with the most basic link, that is domain name.

on the domain name of the basic purchase knowledge, the United States orange here is not detailed, we can GOOGLE reference orange earlier written by “registered domain name, international or domestic good” a text.

this is about three common pitfalls of registering domain names and how to avoid them.

trap 1: who owns the domain name

some companies or individuals buy their own domain names and have passwords, and renew domain names on a yearly basis. However, in fact, this domain name really belongs to itself, and perhaps most people are not clear about it. When service failures, not renew expired domain name; or is not satisfied with the service request transfer domain, a query, know the domain owner not himself.

domain owner refers to the ownership of the domain name owner, in the domain of application is required to fill in the relevant information, after the application is successful in the Whoise domain name query system, English “Registrant” column information: show your unit name or the name of Organization and Name.

loses ownership of the domain name, equivalent to its own key in the hands of others. Once the domain of any dispute, or even with some professional service providers from the stem, the instant you have domain password, but can not show the owner name and domain name consistent documents, not according to the normal procedure of redemption, unless you spend to buy expensive. If the other party does not agree with the domain transfer, promotion of the original domain is for others to do the wedding dress. For commercial enterprises, the loss is very serious.