Special value analysis of nternet based media writers’ paid reading

recently, network promotion industry network master Lu Songsong, Mou Changqing, Feng Dongyang and so on to explore the novice on the media pay circle, and I also saw a lot of online knowledge creators in the discussion about the Internet writing copyright issues, all the consensus is the need to respect the author’s media reprint articles copyright, more important is the creators spent a lot of time and energy on the creation of knowledge and experience to get some return, this return can be money, copyright reserved, links, or to retain retention soft wide and so on, so the Internet pay intensified, pay the value of reading what? Nnoitora network today on their own an onlooker to talk about their own views.

Internet free and paid tangled road

we all know, since the beginning of the Internet in Chinese ahead, will pursue the free policy, such as the early 263 mailboxes, Yitang free space, Chinese alumni, QQ free use and so on, and whether the foreign operating system YAHOO mail, Microsoft, even later easy fun Taobao beat all started free the 263 mailbox became the first eat crab charges mailbox, some of the decline gradually, then the Internet Chinese charges visible or a premature time is a melee Internet era, like the Eastern Han Dynasty three melee, who dare to lead king, everyone would rise up out of the society; so the environment, so free also created a number of user group, whose users, who can provide value-added services to pay, this is China the early years of the Internet Net thinking.

But this is not the end point of

, the Internet, schedule is moving forward, the road is unable to make free good development of enterprise, make individual creators no more time and energy to create better works, sharing more effective experience and knowledge, why? Because companies need money to retain technical personnel, only in the case of adequate food and clothing to meet more thinking, once these basic lost protection, so enterprises will not be able to provide more excellent software and network applications, individuals have no incentive to provide more fine works of beauty and experience, but it can not act with undue haste, after all pay market and user groups need to culture. In the current Internet users get too much garbage free knowledge is more trouble, so some high quality users are willing to spend Money to buy more accurate and customized experience; therefore, the Internet pay reading road is slowly, in the pay and free alternately, we are tangled, like Mou Changqing said Chinese used what are free, we have to find someone willing to pay for users. They affect everyone around.


pays the special value of reading knowledge

everyone knows a hard truth: cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap; free access >