Site to face the user not to see Baidu

is the first time I write this article, I hope you don’t spit slobber here I like you head 90 degrees bent bow, bow and bow and then we turn to the question, since many webmaster website content is "Collection > < > < copy imitation", I suggest that you do not go on this way the content of the website, you will always be from their website, collect, copy, to imitate, in the end you just waste your time with money, your website can never keep up with your competitors, you should know the operation of more than Baidu will be how to deal with you, I don’t the following is to say… I do find some of the station station are facing the user rather than the search engine proposal.

first   website structure should be concise and clear,


site structure should be clear. Don’t let users come in feeling out of order to find head to see the tail, each sub domain, each directory should have a clear way to let users 100% find what you want, so that they can keep their users permanently old customers.

second website maintains updated content


content to the original 1-2 day has new content. Don’t let users see the content is in 10 to more than 20 times. We should remember this sentence [user is moving forward. We rush to catch up with the contents of the user].

third   new station must keep active

answer: newly built websites are not popular. So some activities have good publicity activities. Users always love activities site. So activities to attract users. Activities to be truly effective. Users can’t cheat. For example; the user has reached the requirements and activities did not receive gifts and so on. This will lead to… Users always patronize don’t come to your site. If you can get a real and effective user activity gifts, this will also help you keep users might propaganda. Hehe.

fourth site must be responsible for the user

answer: when the user needs most in time do not understand do not understand is help. You have to answer user enthusiastic care. Don’t ask a user you. You will not ignore. This will let users dislike your website in don’t come back here. There is now a free the application of the forum is because users are not so popular. And now a day before the post number is now a day. Tens of thousands are less than 20 posts. This free application forum address I will not say out. General users is the first site is second. Even if only one piece of information is useful to you, it is also the motivation of our efforts.