Talk about 4 months of standing experience

talk about 4 months to do station experience, these 4 months, there are two things I remember relatively fresh, 1 domain name transferred to foreign countries, 2 do the station’s first pot of gold

1, the domain name transferred abroad, why should the domain name transferred abroad? Complete control of domain name: most of the domestic top-level domain registrar with the domain owner "transfer domain password", set up a variety of conditions (e.g., charge a year to renew the password, certificate of mailing materials etc.) improve the domain owner "transfer domain password" difficult, even with all kinds of excuses to stop you informed of the password. Domestic domain name registrar can only set two DNS server address, and foreign domain name registrar can set more than one DNS address. Foreign domain name registrar, you have full control and transfer of domain name, domain name transfer, domain name transfer can be done by your online operation, free of charge.

The main reason for

2. is to say "No" to "clientHold"". Recently, the relevant departments have found a way to pull the network cable is more convenient than the room, that is taking the domestic domain name registration notice "to the domain name clientHold (domain name resolution, clientHold is suspended)" to register a domain name used to disable the most simple means. Since the beginning of this year, a number of well-known websites have been registered by the domain name registrar clientHold:

[2010-01-05] new network pause parsing and and other web site domain name

[2010-01-05] blog bus "Parking" two days can not visit millions of people difficult login

[2010-01-21] news: industry technology site Techweb domain name was suspended, parsing

[2010-01-25] fence network domain name yesterday was Hold new network, said it involved Huang

[2010-01-27] Shandong Ji’nan famous local portal station domain name analytic

is suspended in the

that’s why I transferred to foreign countries. 2010/4/11 successfully transferred to the GoDaddy (Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar) in the process of transfer! Due to the transfer of the password to success to another registrar, then I find my domestic domain name registration agents to transfer the password, but also did not think of to charge. I feel very helpless, when I bought the domain name, I have all the rights to the domain name, domain name agent what I would like to do so? Chinese agent is black, it seems to say, in China rich and powerful work!! on the Internet to find a lot of information, not just to know I have a lot of people like me have. In this case, no department can manage, after all, now in China, for the network of legal constraints in this area