The nine paragraph the future CMS will enter the era of subdivision


world is moving in the direction of differentiation, and so is the internet. In the golden age of traditional general CMS with the grassroots "webmaster" version 1 continues, but the future will be to all professional and formal, because with the regulatory policy, the profit model of many ups and downs, the head of the grassroots living environment is more and more bad, if the fine investment (for the vast majority of stationmaster Yu Caogen energies) and output, you feel as the street selling pie.

why I will present the majority of grassroots webmaster webmaster become version 1, if a bit like a macro on the extensive economy as an analogy, not much technical content, not many of the core competitiveness, to find a few words, put some pop, the so-called dumpster meal. As said above, the day will be getting worse and worse, and it is foreseeable that it will eventually get out of hand. As a result, many webmasters with ideas and insights began to upgrade themselves, and entered the webmaster 2 era. Do not waste the station will have the following options, such as local stations, stations, electronic commerce industry, which responded to the theme, why the future CMS will enter the era of differentiation, which is decided by their users, general CMS can be used for various types of problems in the station, in which types are doing fine, eventually only used as garbage station. So with the rise of the 2 generation owners, their professional software and delicate will have very high requirements, such as local stations will choose BlueCMS ( such a professional local media information portal system, the station will choose CMSTOP, the two doubt on the future development trend of early personal website clearly foresee, the only professional opportunity.

, as above, is a judgment analysis from the customer’s point of view. I’ll demonstrate it from the perspective of a generic CMS software developer. As we all know, now several traditional general-purpose CMS developers are software free custom charging. First of all, since the custom charges, it is impossible to achieve the ultimate in some aspect of the product, or else to pick up stones to hit their own rice bowl. What is more serious is the second, the profit model will undoubtedly itself to the workshop type processing enterprises, contrary to modern business lines, standardization and mass production mode, the reality also proves that the custom is the most laborious but a model does not make money. The reason is simple, for you a custom customization, the cost is very high, so many customers can not accept. The professional CMS, take the BlueCMS, will be a large number of interested in the local portal station together, so that the cost to the user’s head of natural little; the two is to find universal CMS developers customized website types of all kinds of, the first in the software after the upgrade is a big problem, and BlueCMS only focus on the local portal, the user would like to find a professional software is expensive and not taking his service?

many colleagues use this profit model mentality is to expand the number of users to seize the city