Talking about how the website navigation station is profitable

who are aware that the more people online, learn the Internet more and more people, the social lazy people, the site is the first station they enter the network! The prospect of the industry because of the technical level as can be imagined, the web site is relatively low, it is simple to build a station. Recommend everybody to see my this article: how does navigation website gain?. This article appeared on our A5 home page.

as everyone knows, more than 10 million Baidu purchased, the world’s largest web site navigation site navigation station immediately, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like overnight Hongbian on both sides of the Changjiang River. It is precisely because of the amount of so many lead to today’s navigation site promotion difficult situation. Even so, there are still many stations in Changle that are not tired, and persist in the construction of site navigation stations. Then in the Chinese this piece is full of huge potential market, full of hope on the land, the future site navigation station? Money? Whether to do site navigation station? There is a way to do what can be distinctive, and the following:


asks a question: do you think it’s easy to make a website like hao123?


‘s answer is no.. Like hao123, most people can not do, do not say that stand too much, hao123 was no navigation when standing up, and is forced by homepage started, based on forced set will not work now, because Baidu will direct closure of the station, they do not allow others to walk this road besides, this road will no longer be able to retain users, because there is already a hao123, let’s do, there is no advantage. If you do that station, you can get to the hao123 station directly. Why do you want to go to your station, right?

asks two: "that’s not a station like hao123. What kind of navigation station do we do,


, that’s the point. Since you have to do a unique, can retain visitors navigation station, then what kind of station can retain visitors? Hao123 station is to retain users, and we do retain users station is a little difficult. How beautiful is that many web site navigation site navigation in one, to seek a way out, the coldest lake created a webmaster has its own characteristics of the web site navigation, he should be distinguished from the hao123, because we did not have the strength to fight again and hao123 users, the majority of owners think Moon Lake, for the owners. You may wonder, for the webmaster what future, webmaster all hate AD, and more will not be free to visit your station, unless there is traffic flow back to their station. Weiduomei site navigation webmaster Moon Lake is the catch this, from this point, to do a webmaster can keep the site navigation station.

you know we China, general access to the Internet will some blog ah, QQ space and so on, to the point that we truly webmaster friends, find 10 people chat two or three is the webmaster, webmaster more to go, we can catch you >