Site model analysis psychology behind Pinterest falls

Pinterest is very red. According to comScore data, the number of unique visitors in January 2012 Pinterest reached 11 million 700 thousand, in addition to google+ is the fastest to reach millions of users of the site, in the social networking site seventh place (six Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, google+, Tumblr), but also many domestic copycat.

Pinterest why red? For many reasons, such as for users with very low cost of participation, subscription mechanism more flexible to reduce the noise information and Repin operation form virus diffusion mechanism, but more attention is its unique waterfall flow picture layout. This layout is criticized by many, but I really love, because although the idea comes from the founder of life in a flash, but is in line with the law of the people’s visual psychology, the following: a


here first from the human eye to perceive the content of the text and the difference between the picture content. The text is a kind of serial mode, must be a word in order to determine the linear read; and people watching the picture is the parallel mode, he can quickly glance at many pictures, and then select the interesting part, this way is much higher than the linear model to find content of interest rate the.

so many typical product interface patterns conform to this difference, such as:

1 search results pages, if the web search results are linearly arranged, if the image search results are arranged in a matrix (Google and Bing image search results page and remove all the text information, only appear in text, a picture will be in this design is to highlight the hover parallel browsing pictures the advantage of


2, SNS products, and micro-blog’s feed pages are lined up in a linear fashion. But there is a problem, if it is pure text (such as known), feed is the best linear model, and graphic content are feed (such as micro-blog and SNS), you will find that the efficiency of browsing pictures is relatively low, because the picture content is not suitable for linear array.

then, the traditional image display is dominated by matrix patterns. What’s the matter with an interlaced waterfall flow pattern? What is the influence factor of the saccade path of a human eye?. This knowledge is derived from a large number of studies in cognitive psychology in the field of search (visual). At present, psychologists consensus, factors affecting the visual search efficiency is mainly two: one is the existing experience and habits, is a top-down; the other is a visual saliency image itself, is a bottom-up effect. For the former, we all know who is generally from top to bottom, from left to right, so a matrix.