Talking about the way of Taobao’s customer marketing

for Taobao customers without shop all the complicated matters, only need to put the goods to the user push links and show to the user, the user can get the Commission bought easily, so it is still a beginner Wangzhuan the qualifications of the person, will choose to do Taobao customers, although currently not in the period. But most of the webmaster or non Taobao Adsense – is a crowd, still chose the way before, then the equivalent of people harvest the place for food, others had taken only small, but also there are so many people rush to do so Taobao money off, apparently not so simple and beautiful things.

don’t be aggressive, sell


whether the entity marketing network marketing or line are more or less the same, no matter what kind of marketing within you, you must first understand, to understand how users close to the user and the user can become friends, and the subscriber stations at the same level to think to action, so as to explore the needs of users, rather than the user directly face to the interests of the heart, do not have too much utilitarian heart, only for their own interests and the excessive promotion of sales, a large area of the advertising window and shelling, will only make the user more disgusted or floated past.

for a point of view, and I do not know specifically not know, when you see the user is a lot of money interests, maybe you are just a clown in the eyes of the user, is you are professional, but perhaps not as good as others see through the so-called ", Those closely involved cannot see clearly. know and A bystander is always clear-minded., you understand perhaps sometimes just behind closed doors, when a misunderstanding confusion might stand in the user or spectator perspective to look at.

ads are small but sophisticated, not many and confusing,


as a guest you is actually selling products in fact you know you’re not selling products, but the content and mode, if the user simply to find products so you have to understand that in or major commodity sites is that there is not your choice here, why not ran to the user but the content of goods it is a simple, users have this intention and do not know what to buy, two users just curious without intention also did not buy the heart. Then your role is to guide and help the user to make a choice, and thus play a bridge effect. For example, the most common clothing collocation, if you select a set of cap-a-pie clothing collocation scheme, and gives the scheme suitable for what kind of people in what occasion wear, user love will bring a lot of traffic, users will bring more volume, so as to bring what you want interest.

content, good advertising is like a tiger with wings added ", as if the guests do not advertise that Taobao is nonsense, but advertising a more chaotic and not pop, you would see the contents of very good mood, when go to see is a pile of out of order advertising and jumped out of the eye shield so believe in advertising, users probably have a dislike to immediately shut down.