Summarize 3 feelings of attending the 2010 network marketing conference

June 25, 2010 Peng privilege on behalf of guest network marketing institute participated in the 2010 network marketing conference held in Beijing, to participate in the General Assembly on behalf of guests including Baidu, Eric, Tianya, Sohu and other industry service providers and business representatives and teachers and students in Colleges and universities. The network marketing conference "in the era of network marketing new ideas, new opportunities, new field" as the theme, focus on the development trend of domestic Internet industry under the new economic situation, explore new thinking and new opportunities in the network marketing industry, common industry in the future. In the two days of the meeting, as representatives of participants, I think these are the future of network marketing industry, a hot spot:

Social marketing after

, vs, wet marketing,

, web2.0

instant search and microwave, Facebook as the representative of the leading Web2.0 network always after entering the social era, if the Web2.0 into the participation behavior of Internet users and the happy network, watercress network platform network will attract more people to a network circle of mutual sharing, interactive games, chat so after the Web2.0 era is on this basis to achieve precision marketing, application of the purpose of communication, now the world cup in South Africa for example: we look at the video site can live side released by micro-blog game information to discuss the ball to play, what would be the result of the game, then I think if he is. I participate in the discussion, in South Korea or when Uruguay score will casually at micro-blog say ask you what brand of beer in the drink, I personally feel Yanjing is more energetic. I think most of the net friends can accept this skillfully, and this is the wet marketing in the post Web2.0 era.

what is wet marketing? Simply speaking, marketing results are wet. Wet marketing results should be wet brands and wet sales. Wet marketing results request the user the spread of brand reputation, so that the spread of brand is not for the end of the marketing activities ended, but constantly, at the same time, in fact, to the purchase of the products without end, but the beginning of share, to recommend to others.

who will become the mainstream marketing mode of enterprise: network marketing, vs search, marketing,


at the meeting several guests are mentioned about the enterprise now marketing network, but in the end for many domestic small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing and search marketing companies who will become the mainstream marketing? Baidu spokesman has said this problem years ago Baidu server caused a morning the time the visitors could not access the normal website, call the visitors but not the auction business owners at Baidu, A Peng believes that some companies rely entirely on search marketing to bring visitors and conversion rate, but imagine your site from search engines to do? So the guest network marketing institute gives advice the best way of marketing is an enterprise search (pay + Marketing) marketing. Both phases >