Rookie webmaster and you talk about new site

said contact sites also have several years of time, but really talk on the construction site or the 08 year thing, in early 2000, I started doing personal homepage, then also the personal homepage when I wind up, with no trace of wind "in the name of doing flash animation so, in your spare time, also very full, very happy, do it for nearly two years, also rely on flash to earn a little money (do MMS, banner, advertising, animation and so on), and now think it was a bit ashamed, if the business minded, to rely on, or the site built up, instead of fooling around to play, perhaps now also how to get.

then set up purely personal interests, did not expect the site can make money, the time and opportunity to pass this way, the beginning of this year really want to build their own station, try to try. Began to buy a domain name, buy space, establish the theme of the site, I made a lot of novice easy to mistake, that is to build the station too much, others see the good, the good is built, that is, the results, less than half the time I have built four websites. Take in a lot of time and energy, but also a loss of money ah, think now is really a big loss, and the like me the novice webmaster chat a few words I learned:

1, buy domain name is best buy first year

Don’t buy the domain name

when the purchase of several years, the best buy for one year, because you do not know whether you choose the right path, whether it can go on at this station for a long time, if a year is good, renew too late, otherwise no money.

2, do not want to do good for

my first website is infant recipe website that station soon because I love and I was off, a waste of space, a domain name.

3, determine the theme of the site, we must first identify the direction, to see how similar competition,

second sites are classified information network in place, was full of confidence, finally completed only to find local classified information network has innumerable, Baidu is just a search of dozens of large and small websites, and spam is rampant, and finally decided to give up, now the site can also access, but I have no management this domain name, buy me two years, AI, lost.

my third site computer repair site, this site can be said to my head up, maybe I had to build a new station, ha ha, the basic framework has been out, immediately to the line, and chat a webmaster friends, he completely gave me poured cold water, the my friend has sites for 4 years have no improvement, although he also ranked first, after my analysis is the case, it seems that this is not a way out of the direction, finally this site has not officially launched by my pass, a domain name and a waste of 5555 lessons, ah. (it’s co>