Tragic experience two level domain name VS two directory

wrote the reason for this article, in the Internet to see a lot of people to raise this question, the sub column of the site is to use two directory, or two domain name good?. Last year, I also encountered this problem, there are a lot of people to answer, but the answer is very general, and some are nonsense, mixed with a signature or even connected. Not much nonsense and theoretical knowledge. As an illustration of my last year’s example, my hometown web site encyclopedia.

one, 2009.5 months,

dating back to the early, I spent three hundred yuan to buy a domain name but finally decided to do the site navigation, but they do not want to go to a special new size do. So decided to do home web site daquan. I first took the links to all Chinese cities and sorted them out. Feel unique, everything seems smooth. But the problem has emerged, these cities are using two domain name method, or use the two directory method, in a dilemma, looking for a lot of information, but also consulted the SEO friends, still no satisfactory answer. Finally, taking into account, can prompt me two domain name PR, also easy to take two level domain name and others exchange links, also good optimization difficult keywords. Decide to adopt two level domain names. So the Internet more than one, the home site, more than more than 400 of the site, but the domain name included soon, two level domain name included is very slow, especially Baidu Google is much better, but the flow of Baidu face, with the change of time all the major search engines are good.

, two, 2009.12,

home site Daquan has just improved, PR rose to 3, there are many two domain name also rose to PR2., is excited, you can take two level domain name and other people change links. As long as the regular station can and my PR2 two level domain name change, so change very smoothly, is excited. The Internet began to rectify the There was no parallel in history., even to the VPS, to submit submission submitted a "white list", the key is the two level domain is submitted, more key is a VPS 60 up to submit two domain names, remaining an extra two domain to add money, if I forget more than 400 two level domain valuation I will bankrupt the Western Digital do, other service providers and I didn’t go to study the valuation conditions are very harsh, this is not to criticize any service providers, should work out as we are afraid of policy. After a series of technical jump, space recovery operation, two domain name barely jump run, was the major search engine punishment flow gradually decline, ranking is also gradually decline.

, three, 2010.4,

I don’t feel this way anymore. It’s pretty expensive to continue with the full two domain name. So reluctantly changed to two directory format, which is used as a static mode. Generate all the city’s first level directories. Initially worried that tens of thousands of one level directory will be punished, the experiment will not prove. At this time, Baidu punishment, browsing basically zero, and now little change. Google to good, immediately included level directory, traffic is small, a few days and went up. >