Webmaster friends how do you make a successful website

I do stand nearly N years, N is greater than or equal to 5, during the period, and most of the same friends, did countless stations, but also died countless stations. Sum up the reasons, too impetuous. Today, watching the movie station is very hot, do a, tomorrow look at pictures, station fire, also do one, the day after tomorrow SNS fire, and do one. As a result, each station died in less than 3 months. Think carefully, the concept of a fire, you use what strength and others than others in a team, or a company of hundreds of people in single-handed, personal webmaster, want to grab a piece of cake, must die.

done before SNS, done micro-blog, do a forum, do a classified information. Along the way, finally looked back, each industry has a company to do, and what we and compete? So, last year, made a model of life, station: the station is very small, the smallest station, I can’t find out what he belongs to the industry, can not find his prototype, or feel is a freak, but we do good, it can always be a bit crooked. I do not think those impetuous ideas, carefully do stand. I imagine that there is always a reward in return, not in time, but not in time. Very pleased when, recently I have started some income, the website also has more and more net friend attention, some net friend even bids 1W to buy the procedure. The site of the PR also to 4, traffic and registered users have greatly improved.

I don’t want to show off my grades or my website. I just want to share something good with you, as long as you stick to it and do it relentlessly. And, abandon your mind impetuous ideas, according to their own ideas to do, according to their favorite to do, there will be results. To be sure, if you go with the flow and look at that concept, the fire will do, and it must be a dead end. The reason is very simple, the concept of a sure fire has a successful company in this company, is noisy, personal webmaster, want to stand in this wave, but was finally beating on the shore. I would like to share my experience with you and hope that more friends will support my exemplary life!