How to share the experience of local portal station

2010 was a year of rapid development of the Internet, the Internet is still of course 2010 extraordinary year, appear Goojje, for many webmaster do stand increased confidence, but the Bureau of ICP on the tedious steps of information management, has been normal for the time not down, many webmaster agent is not a small pressure, the future the way how to go do what ——-2010 station can make money? Perhaps for every webmaster are thinking about the problem, do not consider the matter, I was no exception, but we still stick to their own way, do local portal website! A portal in 2009 do Chinese Bozhou Yaodu life network, we use the a few months time to study this system and website promotion seo. After a few months of development, the site has gained a bit of revenue, and in general it bodes well. I now share the local portal experience reference, not necessarily correct, but also do not abusable


local portals from the initial telecommunications dominate the world, to grassroots Adsense, a variety of local portals, there are pros and cons. Telecommunications supervision of the local portal system is too old, because not all individuals, nor private enterprises all, employees are fixed wages to work, so leading to decline in development. Followed by a series of local portal system, the current popular 163K network has DZ forum in the form of portal website, webmasters are said to the good that is not good, this is the ASP ASP.Net PHP that is rubbish, in fact, in my experience, choose which program website does not feel how the development of your site. What matters is how you can promote your website and how to develop your chosen web site. I also built a number of local portals, such as Guangzhou information port, Shenyang online, Bozhou pharmaceutical information network, dozens of portals, also summed up some of the experience of website development.

1, if you do portal website, make sure your site staff of not less than 3 people, information release, information collection, the site only has information becomes valuable, in a beautiful website if can not bring any information to the user, the website has no meaning. Users need to do the site, user-friendly, it is best to provide some free telephone counseling business.

2, on the site optimization problem, we use the network system, I have a very understanding of any one section of this system, many customers have been let me give them a collection of settings, I have to do it for them, why not do it? Because the things to be all you want, today you collected Baidu from Google and Baidu to delete this tomorrow without any meaning, you instead of collecting 100 as their own original article, if you will not always be original amendment to amend it, others sites change the title, the beginning and end of the two period of treatment slightly click on the OK, the site of Bozhou Chinese all life net almost 2>