Admin5 security group SSL security detailed explanation

I am A5 security team ryoko. Today, let’s talk about SSL.

SSL (Security Socket Layer) Chinese full name is "encryption socket protocol layer", Windows network operating system built-in IIS, is everyone’s most commonly used Web server. But under the default configuration of the system, IIS uses the "HTTP Protocol" to transmit data in plain text, without any encryption, and the transmission of important data can easily be stolen. This is not enough for some websites with high security requirements. In order to ensure the safety of important data, IIS also provides the SSL security encryption mechanism, the following to introduce how to use SSL security encryption mechanism in the IIS server. Generate certificate request file

installation steps are mainly divided into:

apply for IIS website certificate

installation certificate service

issues IIS web site certificate

import IIS web site certificate

configure the IIS server

here, I don’t have much more to do with SSL. The main points are useful.

SLL can be available on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and other operating systems.

SLL, he just links the channel and can also set up a secure channel for MYSQL’s SSL. Secure channel for FTP. Wait,

so SSL involves a lot.

, I can’t tell you all about it here. What do you need to search directly for relevant information?. Here to you,

webmaster useful, that is, in the IIS under the ASP site. So you can go to download the relevant SSL tutorial to see..

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