Lessons and reflections arising from Godaddy space failure

recently affected by the national policy, there are a large part of the webmaster loss, and his own server moved abroad, everyone in the purchase of the server or space are very cautious, because we need a stable and good customer service IDC, we can rest assured that Shuxin.

I and many webmasters put their station, stationed in the United States, because they do not understand the English so when buying space is very distressed, but do not come off foreign idc’de, also consider some people rent their own foreign server sale situation because there is a Chinese panel, just for a month give up, the embarrassment is not to say, so I decided to choose to choose the brand, moderate price, good service provider, our website takes a lot of effort, if every day in their own space to the server or worry about how sad ah, the establishment of the friends how many have experience. In Baidu and Google’s help, I chose GoDaddy, I believe that the brand and reputation, and the price of the GoDaddy service impressed me deeply, although the speed is relatively slow but in abroad. Under these preconditions, I rationally chose Godaddy.

as irresistible

godaddy’station in the 2 months to the time I spent my happy most comfortable way station for a period of time, but when I am glad of their choice, in July 17 to 21 days, the website often cannot be accessed without DNS, and 503 other error messages, but every time but continued half an hour before they can visit, to continue to doubt godaddy’ try and not send email to the customer service inquiry

opened Gmail today to receive the mail and found an email from godaddy’, which was different from the original promotional email title, which reads as follows: Dear, Duan, Liang,

, A, few, days, ago, we, experienced, some, hardware, issues, with, one, of, our, storage, devices, that, might, have, affected,, the, performance, of,

, your, site (s):


, We, are, working, our, hardware, vendor, to, resolve, issues., In, the, meantime, we, are, moving, all, the, potentially, affected,, sites, with, to, new, servers.

, The, migration, could, ta>