Local community Hangzhou 19 floor how to do commercial product upgrades and expansion of the two or

for the 19 floor of the future conjecture, Wang Zhenyu hope in the short term, can let 19 buildings become the most China women love for the local community, in dating, marriage, parenting, family decoration, etc., to provide local service for their life experience sharing.


Xiaoyi pool


from the Hangzhou property rights exchange news, May 7th, 19 floor and Hangzhou LIAN yungiee venture investment partnership, Hangzhou Yong Xuan Yongming equity investment partnership signed a joint agreement "and" the "capital agreement", the transferee to increase 19 to 60 million yuan price floor.

, another financing case for China’s community web site, is also the largest financing for China’s regional community websites so far. Prior to 2008, the 19 floor has successfully introduced angel investment.

19 floor founder, CEO Lin Yu said, "the 19 floor has focused on providing users with local life exchange services, but also one of China’s leading practitioners of OTO business model.". The successful financing, on the one hand, the capital market is very optimistic about the "19 floor" model and development prospects. On the other hand, it also helps the 19 floor to develop OTO business deeply, and provides better local living service for net friend."

as a regional life online community China most size and growth of the 19 floor, coincident with the social, local and mobile (SoLoMo) the development trend of the internet. After the successful introduction of foreign investment, in June 25th, Hangzhou nineteen floor Network Inc announced the establishment of the reform of shares as an opportunity to standardize corporate governance structure, the 19 floor has taken a crucial step.

capital market and institutional innovation of the dual positive, the 19 floor will be how to commercialize


product positioning: localization, consumer experience exchange,

turns on the computer, net friend "obediently" habitually logs on the 19 floor website, as a standard Hangzhou aborigines, every day she can look for the content which oneself cares in the 19 floor. To her, "that’s what happened next to my house."". Today, the headlines on her first website caught her attention – "the novice woman driver had an accident," saying that Tonglu women were killed in a collision with a large truck in order to avoid the stones on the road.

"miserable," she whispered. She immediately thought of herself as a novice driver. Subsequently, she again in the moderators of the new post "novice female drivers most likely to commit N kinds of mistakes" found resonance. See the similar experience so many friends, she could not help but keep abreast, told her once in the car, meet exciting story of throttle and brake points are not clear.

finished these, the child suddenly remembered, today on the 19 floor there is "business" – to help his son find summer classes. She opened the "kindergarten forum" at the parent – child paradise, and sent a post for help asking her son’s age, interests and characteristics