Look uuzone has been forced to shut down so many friends don’t necessarily go well

first nagging a few words of life, this year has been very substantial, I have in front of a Bowen has said, do not say here. But when the flight from BeiJing Capital Airport, encountered a let my heart is bad, even in the online ordering of aircraft No. 4 08:00 to Shanghai Pudong, I early in the morning to 6 in the morning, it’s not even light arrived at the capital airport, I did not want to in time for automatic registration. Computer has prompted my flight at 20:10 in the evening, I thought I was wrong, is once again confirmed it, WF and I two people clearly see from the Internet is 08:00, to the airport becomes 20:10, can not hate me? But, never go away, but can not vent. Go home, instead of in the evening. When I got back to Wuxi, it was already 5 in the evening and 3 in the morning.

just saw this uuzone.com was forced to shut down news, suddenly I have some interest, here to talk about my views on the operation of dating sites. Personally, I think that dating sites are one of the most difficult to run, especially if it’s hard to find the right place for a wide range of dating sites like uuzone. Why hard to find a profit, first uuzone a wide range of people is not easy to do, it is not the target group is very clear, it is hard to find a sense of belonging here. (but now I see inside school is also facing a lot of competition, the competitor is QQ alumni, alumni have not previously out of time, I in the school rarely see my classmates, the alumni, by virtue of the powerful QQ client Pop News, I very quickly know what students are in the alumni registration, so we have contact.


dating site, the most important point, we must grasp the psychological needs of the crowd. Why should I come to you this site dating? What is my purpose? Is to find old classmates, they pay attention to the development of networking is?? boring time? Or do you want to find the other half? Uuzone was not caught a specific crowd’s psychological needs, dating sites only to seize the crowd psychology to find profitable breakthrough. This makes me think of toad pengyou.cn, domain name is very good, but the operation process of uuzone will also appear similar problems, to find a breakthrough.

dating sites operating rules: more friends, the road is not necessarily easy to go, friends should pay attention to quality. If six months or even half a century have no contact with friends, friends like you need? Now the relationship between social reality and people cold, boring netizens sent the spare time on the Internet, the spiritual sustenance in the virtual network, and the online friends, unbelievable behavior, only when a web site grasping these people’s psychological needs can develop. Such as courtship behavior, looking for the other half I will naturally think of treasure, Jiayuan to this site, because the purpose of dating behavior, there is a demand, there are also concerns such as value; the development of students, the school’s students are.