How to earn the website cost in three months in a short time

today is a non mainstream Chinese net just six months time, the website from poor double digit IP to four digits, in all sorts of joys and sorrows experienced only to really understand. Do standing is a protracted war, in your insistence, this is really true. But my persistence is dynamic: "have income."". I believe many webmaster do the station is also this purpose, the following about my experience, how to earn 3 months in the website operation will cost


first of all, I recall that when the site was first built, an ad was not put up and only silently updated. Because I believe that this stage is only a few dozen IP, hanging advertising did not yield much. After the Google included, Yahoo included, the site three digit IP. Exciting is that half a month later, Baidu included the website to break through 500IP. As a result, one of Ali’s mother’s ad hung up. The website can finally first profit! After the advertising space is booked, after joining the first video website, can support myself! This stage is about a month income of about 10 yuan, the website (Ali Mama advertising, ha ha, very little of it, after all, at the beginning).

after second months, the site in the Google rankings have breath, surprised to find that PR reached 3, after the IP continues to soar, in one fell swoop alone, Google breakthrough 1000IP pass. More exciting is that Google’s ADword is down and it’s time for the site to make money. So hang on GG advertising, every day also has 0.5 dollars of income, equivalent to 3 yuan more. Moreover, Ali’s mother’s ad also raised the price. This way, this income also has 150.

third months, the site is not managed, and IP did not go up, but rely on past content, income or some, but also a little more, about 200.

this way, three months also have more than 350, buy a 1G space on more than 200, an international domain name on more than 100, count still have, and nine months of pure profit.

finally, we recommend doing non mainstream sites, but now the mainstream hot competition, IP, earn extra money, Why not?): welcome to visit my station and the friends of the chain, address,

friends, see you next time!