How to build a trust link from the media

wrote an article yesterday: "how do 2015 grassroots think about the Internet?" the final conclusion is to build a trust bond. Maybe people think that this is just what guy is using exaggerated theory to cheat people. Indeed, yesterday, because of the space and time reasons, only wrote a number of individuals in the Internet for so many years of mixed feelings. Did not write something specific, today, from the media to talk about how to build this bond of trust.

had read a book before, and there was a saying in the book, "from the media", that is, "sell yourself". Selling yourself is essentially letting others trust you, and we should build a bond of trust to connect with you and your fans. Let’s analyze how it should be done,

1 avatar and name, tentatively call this as the basis,

we should show ourselves before selling. We should show our heads and names. Why do this? Because the Internet is a remote place for communication between us is actually can not meet, and we are in a self preservation instinct is not willing to let others know their real information, so there is some resistance on the Internet showed his face and name, of course, this is no ground for blame.

everyone on the Internet is using a variety of network names, and even gender, age and so on all chaotic changes, and some people are using a variety of pictures as their head. In such an environment if we can own their own name and call my head since the media do I speak for myself bravely exposed, this is not able to obtain the trust of others.

we do not like ordinary people from the media so secretive, this can only make people do not trust you. After all, I don’t know you, I don’t know what you are like. How can I trust you?.

has the advantage of revealing his name and head, that is, to make others think that this guy has even his face and name are revealed, certainly not deceptive. Do so in disguised form to disclose a message to others – I am transparent, can be directly understood, I will not lie to you. I assure you in my own face that what I offer must be true.

2 Title – endorsement of trust

large enterprises have their own brands to do endorsements, natural, you can let others believe him. Those experts and professors posted something on the Internet. A lot of people wanted to believe him. Why? Because he has a title and an endorsement for him.

we don’t have anything at all. How do you do endorsements for yourself?. That is, the use of all can improve their identity to build things to speculation, such as Feng Dongyang paid the first circle, 100 words will sponsor, will establish the same frequency, A5 and the owners of the house guest columnist, "grassroots media Master combat operations" the author and so on.

we can do it ourselves, such as launching an event and then claiming to be the promoter of such activities, and of course, this activity will be attended by someone