Build pregnancy encyclopedia experience sharing

talking about doing web site, it can be said that time is not short. But the real contact with SEO is not long. I started contacting SEO in February of last year. I’ve written a few articles about my Taobao website, and today I have to talk about my pregnancy knowledge network. As a matter of fact, my full-time job is not related to the Internet. The company I am working for is a real estate enterprise, which is responsible for the planning of the company, but it has always been my interest to do it.

since February of last year to SEO, has been on the network to find some SEO master learning from them, learn the basic knowledge of many SEO, also seen some website optimization case, but he did not own to do, but do you know, do the main SEO is the practice, to find it, although I have not done so independent of SEO, but when I do find the real independence is actually not so difficult.

with some of the relevant knowledge of SEO, rekindled my passion to do the station, began to sprout the idea of doing a web site. By chance, I found that pregnant class website is not many, no brand effect, I do have a pregnant encyclopedia adorable idea, implemented immediately with the idea, buy a domain name, find, buy a space program, finally in August of last year, my pregnancy knowledge network formally on the line.

is still talking about how I started this site, the program does not say how to write it. The site on the line, of course, will encounter a variety of problems, the first is the content of the site, because I do not understand the knowledge of pregnancy, want to write original articles that is certainly more difficult, the first consideration is to others website copy, but this problem came out, especially the recent performance by the obvious, Baidu’s two previous updates are shown, that Baidu is the number included in slowly reduced. But there is no way that pregnant knowledge content is that, like SEO, the content of every day said, but everyone is not the same, and see who wrote in more detail; so the original article is difficult, but the pseudo original can still.


is the site’s traffic problem, after months of observation found that the increased traffic that is needless to say, most say those users to access my website, first of all that from the user to Baidu, most are the main keyword through my website search in the set but, by searching for the title of the article (that is, in the long tail keyword) is poor, but my website Baidu included or pretty much, the weight of my website page is not high, resulting in highly ranked on the list; and then talk about those users from Google access to Google, may I say more human a lot of standing will accept it, on my website as well, at present our website every day almost all rely on Google to popularity, and are by searching the web page title. Also.