Do web sites that have freshness to retain users

happy nets just launched, the farm stealing food, parking spaces for parking spaces, friends buy and sell a series of games by a lot of people’s attention and love, almost everyone has an account. Every day thinking about how to steal food, how to fight for parking spaces, how to buy and sell friends, the soaring virtual assets on the Internet, people’s satisfaction is getting stronger and stronger, many people are fully committed to the game. At that time, people said, "happy net" is very happy.

but the same game good times don’t last long, day in and day out will make people tired, steal a three melon two jujubes is no longer so fun, happy net has not happy, time consuming, energy consuming, virtual property is not so exciting, many people began to sell happy net account. A5 webmaster network news "a lot of players sell happy network account, the highest selling 5000 yuan", more and more people abandon happy nets, happy nets no longer happy. Of course, such a rich virtual asset is also difficult to cash.

every time a new type of website appears, it always attracts the attention of users. After a period of popularity, it gradually cools down, and then restores the peace after the aesthetic fatigue. Many social networking sites, such as Facebook abroad, do not have a strong beginning, and more and more people are unhappy. Throughout, a fundamental reason is that the novelty of the user has disappeared, and no new things appear, so many social networking sites have been losing users, more and more people left the team.

Adsense do site, how to use curiosity, novelty to retain users,


launches new project to retain users.

is no longer happy happy, because we are tired of stealing food now these flowers, parking dispute game, if the site timely launch of the new game, to arouse the user’s curiosity, should be able to retain users. Although five minutes developed a "happy farm", let the purse drum day by day, but one day, the user will abandon these games, no longer infatuated. If there has been no new game to meet the new needs of users, five minutes can not continue to profit. Therefore, to retain users, it is necessary to continue to introduce new projects, and constantly meet the new needs, in the fundamental purpose of the same situation, to maintain a continuous update.

feedback users, so that users have income.

the weakness of human nature tells us that almost no one will refuse the benefits, and the mentality of petty profit may have been in everyone. If the site can properly feedback users, money, or material, will allow users to feel the proceeds. If the virtual asset of happy net upgrades to a certain level, the user can be changed into certain kind or money, believe more people can be happy forever. Or the site regularly organizes some simple cash activities, feedback users, allowing users to point to "small cheap", which can also retain users. Happy net makes more and more people unhappy, in addition to spending more time, revealing privacy, an important reason is that virtual property in reality does not meet >