[originality] how does the local information website survive in the cracks


after ten years of rapid development, the change of the Internet business Chinese turn the world upside down, the popularity of the Internet has opened up a new market, the governors, hero in this huge territory, fighting game. After ten years of development and evolution, the formation of the Internet market pattern in Pyramid shape now: stand in the spire is one of a handful of super large portals, national news portal in the tower in the local information portal, the number with the background of large-scale industry portals and many well-known national minority community the site, in the bottom of the tower is a large number of individuals or small and medium-sized companies operating various types of local information websites, industry websites and countless individual stations.

in such a market structure, stood a few giant spire dominates most of the nation’s cyber source and market share in the tower in the local portals, industry portals rely on its government background or impressive economic strength, but also to share a big cake; local information web hosting the most miserable thing is curled up at the bottom of the tower to individuals and small companies, on the one hand, they have to face the giants gradually put focus on the heavy pressure place, on the other hand more directly excluded local portal and pressure, can only survive in the cracks in the hard pressure. This is the current market situation, although cruel, but we have to face up bravely and make every effort to seek a breakthrough in the development of good policy.

what do you do? I think the great leader Chairman Mao in 70 years ago to give us a way out, at the time of facing the harsh environment of multiple strikes, Chairman Mao invented the famous sixteen words of guerrilla tactics: the enemy into retreat, the enemy harass the enemy tires, I play, I chase the enemy retreats. Tongsudejiang is in the two sides of the unequal situation, to avoid the edge, rather than confrontation, and then delay the time, fatigue each other, find their weaknesses, and give full play to their own advantages to the familiar terrain unexpectedly, eventually The weak overcame the strong.

The guerrilla tactics used in

web business on the same, the local portal portal and the advantage of its powerful information channel and high brand awareness, which we can’t go over, there is no need to, we can even take advantage of this to each other as I used to get network focus and market direction in processing in the website content to be close to the mainstream of the times, this is a very important point. The local site’s advantage lies in its close to the place, "familiar with the terrain, which is the other foreign sites are lacking, it is necessary to make full use of this advantage, firmly grasp the" place "as the theme, make a fuss, this is the place of website development in cracks in the criterion, or a violation of this guiding ideology, guiding ideology, only a dead end.

so, how to place this article? I think, still to learn Mao, his mass line, heart surgery, Mao’s every Jedi, and finally turn the tide, the key lies in his ability to win over the masses, the masses.