Experience in the operation of local service websites 1

I’ve read a lot of articles, often criticized several major domestic portal websites and portals, said the market, the small website of a lot of new is in the possession of a space for one person, others do blog portal also do blog, others do video, also do video portal. Such a situation, so many webmaster helpless. Found that many webmaster always like to take the biggest advantage of others and others to spell. I think the train of thought is very unnecessary. Do web site, whether it is to do local sites or what site, the first choice must not and others spell other people’s advantage, so the failure is certain, and will defeat very miserably. This station is certainly no way out to go.

in my opinion, the advantages of various portals are really strong, and when there is a product, promotion and profitability will be much faster than the industry website. But as long as you study carefully, you can see a lot of problems. Refining your website from these problems will open up a whole world for you. Moreover, in the excavation of the portal site, but also to find their own advantages of the site.

portal is characterized by information, data is huge and comprehensive, update speed is very fast, and they spell this is very unreasonable. But the biggest weakness of portals is that they are too far away from the user to give the user the most recent service. And that’s one of the biggest advantages of local websites. Therefore, it is important to seize this advantage to consider the direction of the site’s operation.

take my station, (Ji’nan online), the business we designed, including real estate, used cars), second-hand housing. If the current Internet market, real estate housing, second-hand car is unique, in this form, in others it seems we might be very difficult to develop. And we avoided the direct collision with these websites, and directly turned to use their own advantages to develop.

analysis of the second-hand car, first of all, Youka and China used car network in today Chinese second-hand car circles do good website, customer service is the main Youka brand second-hand car, they will release the brand second-hand car business car source to their site, provide the source for car users, Chinese mainly used car network throughout the city of second-hand car market, car source, and provides for the detection line. In the process, users only go to the site to buy, and then other matters are their own brands and used car dealers to carry out separate transactions. No more services available.

The site is

so we can do the same, because the closest to the user, we can directly coordinate the second-hand car dealer and car dealers trading introduction or recommendation, and can be further extended to the field of car 4S shop, the combination of direct and replacement business.

more than just a way of thinking, webmasters do local sites, you need to do is

1, analyze competitors’ strengths and avoid them.

2, analyzing the weaknesses of competitors, see if >