One of the web’s ideas how to read the user’s needs


website is born to users, we will consider a lot of issues when they operate the web site for example, why our site, why should the user to log in, why go to the registered members, why long-term use it, these are the website managers must consider the problem:

one, how to read the user’s needs,


nowadays many people online, can be roughly divided into the following several types: information, entertainment, friends, business operations and so on, firstly, we analyse the several types of general psychological needs is what? A data query: this type of crowd is mainly through the search engine to query, they do not the demand of fixed on the website, as long as the usual demand what knowledge will by Baidu, Google, Sogou search engine to search what you want to achieve something. Two Entertainment: this type of people usually have a fixed entertainment platform, such as QQ entertainment platform, distributed network entertainment platform, and so on some fixed entertainment platform, their main source is introduced through friends, search or interest, to achieve a kind of entertainment, the user is relatively stable. Three friends, this part of the user, at the same time usually fixed on a dating platform above, when after a certain period of time, the need to reach the ideal requirements, will be transferred to other platforms, so users of this type of general life only in about three months. Four is the enterprise operation, this part of the user, generally will not stop looking for a high degree of active sites, they mainly through some links, advertising, soft Wen propaganda reached agreement, is to carry out regular maintenance, these types of people of their life are generally about 1 years. There are other, such as members of the forum, as well as a shopping mall members, members of the QQ, Taobao members, all of them support their login to the purpose, is a shortcut, applicable and convenient.

two, how to make our site closer to the user’s needs,


1, your site must have the psychological needs of users, I’ve slightly early to the user is analyzed, in the current Internet flying time, even the garbage man, will open a website on the web site, so we should according to the needs of users to create a site. But, to be closer to the demand. 2, we in the station must be targeted, or for your site is very creative, such as free net, he caught most of the crowd psychology, a site with entertainment type, also have their own space, and you want to seize the entertainment game, entertainment and information needs of people, at the same time on the site between different members may want to communicate with each other, such as on-line, give someone a greeting, or a hug to the already familiar friends and so on, in line with many young people’s psychological. 3, the website along the extension has, and many friends open a site on a single to rely on advertising fees to support income. And as long as you think about it, you’ll link more to it on the site