Tips to give yourself the reverse link station

station to exchange links, is a kind of optimization way every webmaster want to do the most, in the developed technology, the network has become increasingly fierce competition, improve the weight of their own website, users do the most love the content is king, what IP, the PR value, will we stand in the station. The door.

of course, isn’t there a way out,



is the link! There will be some tips on your own and we share together.

forums actual flow of people are larger than the general station, they are worthy of the name of the major stations. We might as well focus our attention on them – forums.

I’m going to register at the forum and post. Be careful not to write a link to your website in your post. Please sign your link at the signature office. Some do not support links. What can you do with the code? It doesn’t violate the rules of the forum.

What kind of code does

use? The newbie reminds us here, in fact, the earth knows it.

is set in the signature, hit the first [], fill in "URL" plus "=" in [], and then write your website with the domain name such as[/url], then at the end of the first [] write your web site’s name such as "Taobao store". Finally, in the face after adding a [], [] fill in a "/", in the "/" fill in "URL"

is more than a little skill I do stand, wrong place please advice.