New sites how to assess the potential of links

exchange links is one of the required courses for every webmaster. Link exchange is the basic principle of the two sides in the weight, collection, snapshot and other aspects of the difference is not large, and content relevance is strong. Based on this point, for the beginning of the site, there are not many gorgeous indicators, want to change to high-quality friendship link is very difficult. Therefore, the new station should abandon panlongfufeng when exchanging links, focus more on the potential to rise on a chain. So, how do you assess the potential of a link,


1, included ratio. Included in the site that is included with the website page proportion ratio of the total page, the higher the ratio, indicating the site included the situation better, but also indirectly reflects the contents of the original site is high, by search engines like. So how to obtain this included proportion? Because of the original article on Baidu’s emphasis on much higher than Google, Google page basically is not mistaken as received, so Baidu included with Google included the ratio of the number of basically is the site included ratio.

2, keywords. From the chain of friends to consider the keyword, it can be seen that its ranking potential. You need to pay attention to the choice of key words. Some sites in the selection of key words is very extensive, either too broad or very rare, the keywords competition degree and user search habits, want to make this ideal as can be imagined website ranking is the foreseeable future. In contrast, some of the keywords in the Baidu index and long tail combination of careful consideration of the site has a larger potential, but also shows that the webmaster has a strong strategic vision.

3, snapshot updates. Baidu snapshot is an indicator of the vitality of the site, snapshot updates fast, indicating that the site in an endless stream to provide high-quality content, is the engine spiders frequently grab objects. Need to remind is not only to pay attention to the chain of friends site snapshot update time, the stability of its snapshot also need to attract attention. Analysis of the snapshot of the history of friends chain, if good times, bad, intermittent, it shows that this site has some degree of instability, the exchange of friends chain needs to be cautious.

4 export links. Friends chain export links, but also evaluate the potential of one of the indicators of friends chain. If there are a large number of links to a website that can be explained at least two problems: one is the website for the website for promiscuity, choose to think little of the friends of the chain, all. The two is that this site is a frequent replacement of a chain of friends, and perhaps you will be removed from your links within a few days of the exchange. It’s better to think twice about meeting this type of website because you are likely to be one of its passengers.

5, user experience. This is a soft index to evaluate the potential of friend chain, and it is also the most important index. If a website has just started its user experience on the agenda, it must be a potentially powerful site. Indicators of response user experience include site appearance, loading speed, station structure and content quality, and so on. If you browse a website, it feels unobstructed