Why talk about network marketing keep going by painstaking effort

the problem is many enterprises face the problem, there are many enterprises before the friend told us: we have done a lot of websites, even hundreds!!! Above all our products, we also have contact, but still no effect!!! What is the reason this will be


the concept of what? Do you dare to believe! Even done hundreds of websites! I really want to ask you to do the reverse, hundreds of website < business platform; >, your pay is how much effort and cost? What are your goals? Are you doing you are on the Internet? What are your expectations of the market effect? What is your current results? The theory to return you to the market what kind of reaction? For e-commerce, network business platform and how did you understand?

I think that if you could not answer, even confused, some will continue to keep this confused to straight now, some simply do not complain, objective words: "as a marketing person in charge of you is no longer suitable for the era of economic rhythm! It means abandoning the cruel reality


as the "electronic commerce", including the network trading platform, in the high-speed information transmission, the information explosion of the Internet era, it is a trend or a short trend, I think anyone can have a clear understanding. A tool it is derived from the Internet era, no one dare to say, I am not determined not to do e-commerce, I guarantee that my peers do not guarantee that my existing customers and potential customers will not do, and I will do more of the cooperative enterprise. Do you think so? It is obvious that e-commerce is the inevitable trend of the development of the market economy in the Internet era. To grasp the business opportunities, you have to do it! You must do it well!

!My friend

just like the front of the question, can help realize e-commerce to promote the market, know the business through the network this platform can establish a corporate image, to achieve the whole trade electronic data exchange, information exchange, business on the internet. Also go to practice a lot, is two words – " effect "