Pull hook net 5 million hard hit recruitment week doing under the pull hook competitive attitude

Abstract: pull the hook so much movement, is gathered, the moment the outbreak. The absolute, is the industry leader, the symposium I have managed; lost, it must affect the whole year marketing plan to pull the hook, vertical recruitment industry competition, more bloody.



the network recently launched the "storm recruitment week", said a total of thirty-three thousand enterprises will participate together in a week. The so-called thirty-three thousand families, a small explosion that is currently all registered companies pull hook online number, really participate in this week’s storm, certainly not so much. Otherwise, this scale can be called the largest recruitment job in the Internet industry so far.

so, the question is, why should pull hook throwing money to do the "recruitment week"? Small explosion judgment, this is because this year the Internet vertical recruitment industry is particularly hot, almost all the stories of the recruitment company, have got more or less investment, up to the end of the year, the pattern has been clear, the industry bubble may burst. At this time, to fight in one advantage, must for demonstration.

in other words, the network recruitment week, intended to establish the industry’s first mover advantage, the key nodes to expand their influence and market share of customers.

One thing

needs to note is that the end of the year is the off-season for the traditional recruitment industry". As the Internet recruitment industry leader, pull hook no reason not to know this. If it is in order to cultivate one’s own brand, pull hook can completely in March next year to do. At that time, the cost was low and the effect was good. But the hook has apparently mood.according, wait.

so, choose "the recruitment season", "season" heavily hit a recruitment week, pull hook approach, apparently not "rich and capricious" cannot explain. In the end how to hook


this is the industry should really ponder over the problem.


and from the pull hook development and analysis has always been competitive attitude.

industry knows, pull hook network was established, it has exceeded the other than a good retirement, Zhou Botong recruitment, much later. Pull hook was founded in July 2013, at this time, after two websites and other smaller Internet recruitment sites, have been established for several years. But in all pull hook vertical recruitment site, is the earliest and most quickly get up financing.

, of course, it has a foaming element. But after the establishment of the "rapid pull hook inside overtaking", first of all because another piece of hook to fully exploit their assets — 3W cafe. At the moment, they opened a cafe in Beijing and Shenzhen, and it’s true that there are only two families, and the energy is really not small. After several years of painstaking efforts, 3W has become the Internet cafe people gathering, here every day the Internet Co held a variety of conference and salon, attracted a large number of mutual.