Simple talk about how to improve Baidu’s experience

a friend asked me today, so I summed it up..

I’ve been doing this for a long time. I don’t know, right?.. Let’s take a look at the discussion….

Baidu optimization is very simple,.

according to my own experience,..

1., if the site has a forum or dynamic, often updated things, baidu included and updated quickly…

2. Baidu is the greatest feeling themselves in to the baidu database. We plug garbage collection, screening and re arrangement, and then submitted to the baidu. because the baidu stressed that the update rate of the data itself is new, so the new and old content content if other stations repeat, you can actually slowly to the front row the source of the

acquisition station… a month to update 2 to 3 times. Small updates every day… The main goal is to submit directory and index pages in small update (usually classification page or sitemap page) to Baidu, in the big update for large quantities are included… After every update about two days time to adjust the short… Don’t make time site action. It is very easy to be deleted or blocked


4. must be regularly fed to the baidu page. Otherwise, the old page of the same directory will continue to be dropped.

new station, storytelling, new seeking communication:,