Where is the four site operation strategy is greedy aggressive operation taboo

local community website is now very popular, because the local community website competitiveness often smaller, so more appropriate grassroots management, but grassroots webmaster often have Fengxian temperament, but dare not let peerless or matchless bravery or valour, counsel people ang, so many grassroots Adsense in the final operation, or ended in failure. In fact, the local community website! If you want to be successful, the strategy is very important, the so-called God, something in the people, if not love greedy strategy, aggressive, even decline in local community site competition tragic, but will still be pulled off, here I come to share your


: a steady


website is not a waste site, if you want to quickly make a profit, that is impossible, from that day decided to do the local website, you have to be a protracted war, but opponents captured every base, all this requires a steady word, every day on time update the content of the website, on time every day to each big website forum posting on time every day to site optimization, website operation data and so on, don’t be impatient, from the beginning to develop a tight junzhang, designed to catch a fly will kind of temperament, this is what we will be flying every day waiting for the Baidu spider, if the number of spiders to many, it means you have to check the effect of


two: accurate construction of core content

Now many webmaster

in the operation of the site, in the content construction, often without law, even the website has a core keywords, but the content of the update, and these are the core keywords far, for example, do local portal, but in the network, the emergence of a large number of beautiful pictures. Perhaps a little contact between the two looks, but in fact there is no relationship, so in the content of the website construction, must be around the core keywords, must be local, such as local customs, local real estate, the local second-hand information, transaction information and so on, so that it can let users find targeted content, is helpful for user


three: good at mining potential hot spots

In fact,

everywhere has hot events, of course, things are never hot political related, because it is unfavorable for the long-term development of the site, the best hot events is to promote some positive information, to promote righteousness, but the main theme of this era, so when we found around good, must be the first time of press release, issued to local website, it may form a hot event, when you find some hot news events have the potential, we must go to go to mining, so it can amplify the effect of hot events, to the site to bring more traffic to


four: to have good execution,

borrows a phrase commonly used in Kung Fu Novels