Personal experience news station how to quickly get traffic

personal experience: news station how to quickly get traffic


shall not admit, that all SEO are starting from the master station, garbage, every little bit accumulate experience, thus turning into doing portal websites (such as local portals, games, forums and so on portals) when they are no longer satisfied with the single by pop ads, Baidu, Google and so on advertising to earn those cheap advertising, here a lot of people will ask, Baidu and Google’s CPC click on the price is not very high? Why is cheap advertising? I will tell you, your net station behind, the real network master will be transformed into a to engage in network marketing and sell products, do accurate flow, traffic conversion rate, which will flow into high quality returns, that is money!

what is the network marketing, what is the precise flow, I think everyone in Baidu search is the blossom everywhere, but really how many people do, China personal webmaster estimated to be between 250~300 million, but a few are full-time to do was to learn the SEO, really come to the end, will be the site as a bigger and stronger, earn money and have several? Worth millions and have several? These seem to be nonsense, because this is a new website (news website) how to get the search engine traffic fast.

I a5id straw God, the first to do is a type of news website, a monthly ip2500-3000 increased gradually, the following I will my experience to share with you, I remember I don’t know what the program at that time (I have not graduated from junior high school), also don’t understand optimization, but do not know what is SEO? So the site have been introduced with my friends on the market of the most simple nicewords program, automatic station, fool operation, but the function is very powerful (these people to search will know, yet Baidu search can not use) if the who need it. Just add my a5id, I can be free to share, the real version of crack.

my first station domain name 911xq, 911 is my favorite number, everyone should know what it means, XQ is my wife’s initials, the name of the site is also very simple, just four words, called the news center, now think really funny, but I do ip2500-3000, and is a a new domain name, finally in A5 sold at a price of 1500, the A5 should have transaction records, summarize some of my experience;

first, because the program is fully automatic keyword acquisition, but also with the pseudo original function are collected blogs and forums can also collect news sources, but I have not been collecting news, news sources why not collected, then I do not know SEO are aware of the problem, it is a the news came out, do not know how many people are collecting, >