Traffic operations how to be in depth and proficient

on traffic operations, I really did not share less, but I often receive some readers messages, let me talk about traffic operations, how should I talk about? I really don’t know what I should say.

well, first of all, what is the introduction of traffic operations?".

when you understand the flow of traffic, traffic tools awareness, awareness of Internet traffic related words and I reached the same level, congratulations you, you reached the entry standards.

I share it with some of the startup teams and say, "if you feel like you’ve heard my share, you’ve got it, and you’ve learned a lot, and I’m sorry, but you probably haven’t gotten started yet.".

it’s cruel, but it’s true.

said we must understand whether the business flow operation, to tell the truth, you have to seriously, not really.

we say, do not know whether traffic operations can not do explosion products, to tell the truth, it really is not necessarily.

, but I have seen entrepreneurs, a large proportion of large companies, background entrepreneurs, highly educated entrepreneurs, elite returnees entrepreneurs, the biggest dilemma is not understand the flow operation.

as survivors deviation, we see a lot of successful people tell you, good products, traffic operations are not required, but there are too many entrepreneurial team died in this link, and they, I’m sorry, a little movement you can’t hear.

so what is depth, and mastery?

that’s why I want to stress that there is no shortcut! There is no shortcut! There is no shortcut! This one.

I told you some thread, some tools, how much time do you spend trying and verifying, and what about practice?

, if you don’t do your own validation, do the practice, and analyze the online real business data, you’ll read a lot of so-called dry eggs!!!

online articles, some are good, and some articles about traffic operations are indeed valuable, but where is the problem? If you practice, encounter some real problems, or have you analyzed a lot of data, though there are some key points did not want to understand, suddenly there are articles online, let you go to this problem this is indeed of great value; click into place, (for example, I wrote several times, click on the right. There are many readers that cannot read, but have SEO experience and ASO readers may see see light suddenly. Of course, the real master will feel after reading, this is not based on common dende) but the problem is, you don’t have even a little practice, a little experience are not, look at a bunch of so-called dry cargo, can you really understand the meaning? I can’t, I can’t do it anyway.

so be specific,

, such as SEO, how to go deep:

you’re hot on Baidu